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> Are you sure? Then again, my information comes second hand, but I was
>told that these gundam markers were basically thin ink marker type pens
>with rather transparent ink (or paint). I also heard that the colors rub
>off easily with a damp finger.
> -Probe

well just to make sure, I went down to my "workspace" (pretty much the entire
basement with some gundam cds in the stereo and models strewn around), picked up
the leg of my gp-01 kit that I'm finishing up, and ran it under water then tried
to rub the paint off. Nope, it stayed on.

>They are INKS!! Not paint! Ugh! I thought they would be like Testors paint
>markers, which have worked great for me.

I actually have been using a combination of the two - the testors paint ones are
a bit easier to manage when it comes to thinner spaces. It works quite well
actually. The non-thin line ones use paint.

>Maybe that was the thin panel line Gundam markers. Even if they look good, but
>rub off easily, couldn't you just spary on a matte sealer to keep the paint
>from rubbing off? Has anyone had any luck with using a sealer on Gundam kits?
>If yes, how well does it work?

I don't have the thin-line one (mine's on backorder from a comic store) but its
possible that it uses ink, like those pigma pens that micron puts out. as for a
sealer, well, I haven't done that much work with my kits but I don't see why it
wouldn't work. I'll let you guys now when it comes in the mail. In the meantime,
off to do more work...

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