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>Haro's pet phrase, hello amuro, may very well refer to its creator or more >likely its buddy for all the kids know, right? Something cute that Haro is >known for, like the Cupie Dolls.

The point is, the Haro replica we've seen could say only several unimportant phrases, like "Hello Amuro, Hello Bright" or "Cheer up Amuro", not revealing any kind of direct information regarding the real identity of the person who was called by the name 'Amuro' or 'Bright'. Without any side reference, the children (or their parents) who owned the toy would NEVER know about the real secret hidden behind the simple names, as if, er, people who aren't interested in the anime or Gundam can't make any sense out of the name YOSHIYUKI TOMINO or rather, MARK SIMMONS. ;-)

The children may think that the guy named Amuro might be the brilliant toymaker who created the prototype of the toy or someone who was very important to toy manufacturers, but it seems almost impossible that they make any connection between the name and the legendary wartime wonder machine called RX-78[-2]. So I can't find any reason why we should consider 'Hello Amuro' voice record as some kind of continuity glitch.

-Sunwook 'Wanna Have A Haro' Kim


PS: By the way, if we consider Crossbone Gundam manga as canonical, we can say that Seabook Arno made his appearances in history books printed in U.C. 0130s, according to statements of Tobia Aronax. The book simply called him 'A young Gundam pilot of the resistance forces' if I remember correctly... (Tobia couldn't remember his name. Study is hell, in any era. :-)

...And in the Gundam F90 manga, the character named Navi (or Navy, the only female lead role in this fanboyish side story) mentioned that she DID see the picture of Major Amuro in military records, and said that Deff (the hero) has the same eyes as Amuro's... (Is that the reason he could do that magnificent 'LAST SHOOTING' stunt as Amuro did in A Bao'A Ku? -_-)

Well, those are not entirely canon after all, but may be some kind of yummy spice to this thread... no? :->

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