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On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Hee hee hee!

But Crazy Probe! When are you gonna put your hilarious review on your web
site? And when are you gonna photograph all your cool painting schemes
and modification and show us newbie how to do it?

> With each GM kit you get wo sets of stickers and
> decals, with not just the regular warning and caution stickers,

Hey Crazy Probe! What's on these new warning and caution stickers? The
stickers on the 0080 and 08MST kits are nice, until you actually read it,
they read "CAUTION/AVOID EXCESSIVE USE/OF CON-TROLLE" I mean what the hell
is that? The spelling is wrong, and the message is non-sense! These
warning labels are for maintainance and ground crews to read, right? And
they put on skirt armors, backpack and even the frigging guns! Who the
hell would "use excessive con-trolle" from these places? It should be
"Stand Clear of Exhaust", "Warning! Gun muzzle may be hot!" or even
something simple like "High Voltage" would be cool.

> but EFSF
> logos and enough GM numbers in white and black to populate the

That's it? What about squardon logos like screaming mantis or stinging
hornet? I guess there's no ordinals for making "41st" or "104th"? How
many EFSF logos are there? A real life fighter has typically 6 USAF
logos of different sizes on it, a tank has at least 3, but the 1/144
models has only 1 on the MS and 1 on the shield (if that many).

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