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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 17:00:27 -0500

Hope this wasn't too private a discussion

>> That's a bit odd, considering it ought to have been out of sensor range,

Well we can't alway's see the fine detail that far off, but the particles
still continue in a straight line until they run out of speed due to
interference, or the M-particles dissapate (I read somewhere that they were
short lived particles) So if anyone can come up with the lifespan of a
that many seconds times the velocity should be the ultimate range, YMMV.
Also mentioned in the thread was focus, if the spead was too wide then it
would hit with no effect.

> Right, it seems a bit extreme. Maybe Sanders was just operating beyond
>the manufacturer's recommended specs...

Or using the force (what a friend of mine would say when he switched off the
TV durring the end of a level on a video game "use the force" tough, but we
won more often than we thought we would)

>> That makes more sense... And it's also possible that, like in Heavy
>>Gear, this is a "Combat Situation" sensor range, taking into account
>>battlefield M-Particle conditions, etc. When doing a sneak attack or
>>ambush your range might be considerably greater!
> Yeah, very likely. And mobile suits could always have backup radar
>systems, just for situations like the nval review where there's no
>Minovsky particle interference.
The term is something like Effective Combat range, its hard to have a war
with nothing but snipers, but often times, the bullets are the same, just
the gun is calibrated is changed.
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