Re: [gundam] [REVIEW] Mastergrade GM!

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 12:45:29 -0700 (MST)

> >they've got less of the Samurai-schtick going so they seem more like
> >robots and less like "Heroic God Soldiers", and that makes them kinda
> >neat!
> I agree wholeheartedly. (I think that's the biggest word I've used all week...

  There's just something kinda cool about how simple and 'uncool' a GM
looks. All those 'ugrade' fiddly bits Bandai gives you actually make alot
of sense on this design!

> > Get the Gelgoog-Cannon BTW. You lose the shield and the rifle of the
> >regular goog, but you gain a nice backpack with cannon, forearm shields,
> >and this cool grenade launcher for the left arm!
> I'll remember that when I make the order. BTW, I don't like that red/black color
> scheme that the plastic is molded in for the Gelgoog Cannon... anyone have any
> suggestions for what color Gundam marker would go good with black? I was
> thinking maybe a metallic green or violet. (don't underestimate purple, it looks
> REALLY good when applied correctly.) suggestions welcome please, I haven't made
> the order.... yet.

  Well, to be honest, when do a CP review of my Gelgoog cannon you'll see
that the ONLY black parts that come with the robot is the 'tank top'
chest-piece. EVERYTHING else is this sort of dark red color (very nice,
much better than "Char Pink" that's for sure!). What this means is that if
you want to make Ridden's color scheme you're going to have to do a good
bit of painting, but it's easy to make whatever scheme you want.
  Frankly, I think a Dom-color-scheme might look great on it.

> thing. If I had bought a MKII Gundam then the Super Gundam was released, well I
> wouldn't be a "happy camper" if you get my drift.
  Heh! The nice thing about the Mk.II is that while it IS plain, it is a
remarkably sturdy model. Definately good for scratchbuilding!

> (I haven't seen 08th MS team, so Idunno if there are any really good RGM79
> pilots out there.) On a somewhat related note, I hope 08th MS team comes to the

  RGM pilots are just as good as RX pilots, they just don't have "plot
protection", so they get scragged alot easier.

> Yeah I just finished up my GP01 and I'm kinda sore about its loadout. Heck, it
> came with the same weapons the GP01Fb did... nothing special. sigh. Ah well, I

   Yeah, compare that to the Zaku MGs that were friggin' DROWNING in

> got enough spare 1/100 parts lying around anyways. (My cluster gundam is posing
> with its two beam sabers not its guns, despite the fact that I inadvertently
> glued the handles into place on its backpack. oops.)

  Heh heh! That is one good reason to buy those otherwise goofy F-90
mecha, lots of cool plug-in weapons to use with other kits! Problem is,
they're scaled _smaller_ than the MSG robots.

> > Does anyone know where the MG gundam stores its beam rifle?
> I don't think it actually "stores" its rifle per se... he holds it until the

  The MG Gundam rifle comes with this little fold-out piece that looks
like it's supposed to latch or hook onto _something_. I just can't guess
what. I was hoping the Gundam/GMs weapons would all fit under the shield.


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