Re: [gundam] Beam weapon and safety range

Mark Simmons (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:54:01 -0800

Probe writes,

> That can't be the maximum range, I mean, what about the "Zanneck" That
>was shooting at ground targets from geostationary orbit? That's
>considerably higher than 100Km, though I guess you wouldn't really
>consider its weapon to be a rifle (Since effectively the entire robot
>powers the rifle).

  Oh, right. Well, maybe the F90-IIL is the upper limit circa UC 0123,
then. ;-)

> That's a bit odd, considering it ought to have been out of sensor range,

  Right, it seems a bit extreme. Maybe Sanders was just operating beyond
the manufacturer's recommended specs...

> That makes more sense... And it's also possible that, like in Heavy
>Gear, this is a "Combat Situation" sensor range, taking into account
>battlefield M-Particle conditions, etc. When doing a sneak attack or
>ambush your range might be considerably greater!

  Yeah, very likely. And mobile suits could always have backup radar
systems, just for situations like the nval review where there's no
Minovsky particle interference.

-- Mark

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