Re: [gundam] [REVIEW] Mastergrade GM!

Der UberHanyok (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 00:15:18 -0500

> I had mine in a "James Bond" Pose with pistol held up to its ear
>(pointing up), and left arm crooked (And a Vigna Zirah leaning on its
>shoulder, but that's just me).
> This guy is just too much fun to pass up, he's so poseable, and so
>huggably funny! Get one!
> -Probe

heheh, I never thought I'd hear that a GM was cooler than the gundam models, but
this really does seem too much fun. I have to get one. sigh.

oh yeah, does the Mk.II Super Gundam kit come with all the stuff the AEUG gundam
does? (shield, weapons, etc...) I only ask cause I'm ordering the GM and a
gelgoog, and figure maybe the super gundam would be nice, too....

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