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>I like her ^_^

that's good =)

>>Well, she's an ojousama, not a kick-ass fighting type. It's nice to
have a
>>few moderately normal-powered people in an anime, even though the
>>ones get a bit more airtime.

the fighting ones get a bit more airtime....yeah that's true...gwing is
almost all about the fight...not the moderately normal-powered people =)

>How much have you seen of GWing? She does a little more than that, you

i've seen it a lot of times...even endless waltz, yeah she's a bit more
to that.....she can talk a lot too >=)

>>she's the embodiment of all that the Gundam pilots in GWing are
>>trying to achieve. You know, no need for war etc -- she is willing to
>>fight, as a pacifist, and is also willing to trust that people want
>>same. She has ideals and principles that she is actually willing to
>>for, and she seems to have the natural charisma which makes her ideas
>>less stupid and more realistic to the people around her. She is a
>>figurehead, but she also has her ideas which are so not in the mode of

>>'fight until you win' that she really is the most dangerous to those
>>Quinze who would promote something like the real Operation Meteor.

well, i have to agree with you, relena IS dangerous...when it comes to
her talking a lot, people get somehow hypnotized to follow her or
something like that which makes the bad character's plan be on a
dangerous state.

>>I'd actually say that Relena's attraction to Heero is not only because
>>saved her life, but it is also because he is so different. She is all
>>ideals while he is all action -- she would give the orders and he
>>follow, because he is a soldier to her thinker.

yeah Relena thinks for Heero sometimes...but you have to admit that
sometimes Relena has some not-so-bright ideas. but all in all Relena is
an important character in Gwing because if there was no Relena in
Gwing....who would the other people criticize?

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