Re: [gundam] PG MS-06F Zaku II in the US already

Mark Simmons (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 01:18:01 -0800

Eddie writes,

>The pictures in the manual somehow does not seem to show the same details
>in the April issues of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby, so many there were
>some last-minute changes.

  Hm, interesting. Any in particular that you recall?

>The machine gun was awesome. It's now back to the original design, not
>the crooked version Katoki managed to fuck up completely with the MG version.

  <ahem> Katoki had nothing to do with the MG design - that was Okawara.
In fact, the fixed version in the PG kit looks an awful lot like the
version Katoki designed for Gundam 0083.

-- Mark

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