Re: [gundam] Found New Turn A pics and a Rumor of Gundam kits in N. America

Der UberHanyok (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 21:31:55 -0500

>Great Points! Thats baiscally the way I feel too. I wish Bandai Japan and
>America would release some type of press release or something, about this. I
>hope they bring out more then just a few kits in the US. One problem I see
>about this, is, most toys/kits released in the US don't sell well, unless they
>are tired into real life or a cartoon show somehow.

thanks. =) I do think you're right about toys and such not selling well, and
then there's the thing that Bandai doesn't seem to have a very large market
share in the US (at least, I've never noticed much of one since the power
rangers stopped being hugely popular over here- not to say that they're gone,
but I get the image that they're no longer the stars of the toy industry...)
Maybe they'll start showing the series on saturday morning cartoons? that could
be cool, but it'd most likely be gundamwing or something else new. (Turn A
Gundam in the US? now that could be interesting but sounds highly unlikely.)
Maybe some theatrical releases... <wanders off babbling>

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"

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