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Sat, 27 Mar 1999 21:15:12 -0500

I've heard this good advice dispensed on this group many times before: Buy it
NOW. Those kits (being garage kits) are hard to come by, so the sooner you get
it the better. Then work on a lot of plastic kits, and some less expensive resin
ones so you get a feel for working with them. Then go to work on that YF-19, and
do a helluva job. I definitely think its worth the 21000 yen.

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"
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>Now I'm planning to get a Resin model and I'm wonder if anyone has gotton one
>of those perfect variable Models . How complex are they ? and can a begginer
>start on one of those . Also is it worth getting the 1/100 YF-19 Perfect
>Variable ??? Some insight on that model would be helpful .
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