Re: [gundam] Found New Turn A pics and a Rumor of Gundam kits in N. America
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 20:57:25 EST

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<< I think this is both a good and bad thing. A lot of people have imported
 (like myself) and won't buy ones they already have, even if they don't know
 japanese (like myself, again). However, it should make them a bit easier to
 find. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the manuals will be somewhat
 lacking in terms of information, like say, the MG kits booklets. I guess in
 long run it could mean much more Gundam stuff in the US and Canada, and in
 case I think everyone wins. >>

Great Points! Thats baiscally the way I feel too. I wish Bandai Japan and
America would release some type of press release or something, about this. I
hope they bring out more then just a few kits in the US. One problem I see
about this, is, most toys/kits released in the US don't sell well, unless they
are tired into real life or a cartoon show somehow.

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