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Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 16:02:45 PST

>Apparently, the master of Gundam merchandise rumors has confirmed a
>possibility floated in the April issue of Hobby Japan: Bandai will
>releasing 1/144 "renewal" versions of the older kits, downscaling MG
>production values to smaller and more affordable kits (I assume we can
>the 08th MS Team Gouf as a preview).

Ahhh...sounds like the the fat lady is starting to warm up her voice
for the MG line.

> First up: A 1/144 Guncannon, makeover courtesy of Hajime Katoki,
>at Y800 and slated for a May release.

This should be interesting. I wonder what line of kits this will
exactly belong too? 8th Team? If it's a brand new line, seems odd to
be starting out with a GunCannon...MGminis? Snack-size MG's?

 The Gyan is next, release date TBD.

Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing this guy updated!

>In other words, we're going to get super-nice reworkings of classic
>suits that Bandai couldn't justify reincarnating as Master Grade kits.

Well, hey, if this is the only way for them to be made, outside of
expensive B-Club kits, why not. Sounds exciting. And smaller boxes

>And on the Turn A Gundam front (or, as my friend Benjamin terms it,
"Turn A
> 1/144 Turn A Gundam April Y500
> 1/144 Mobile Flat May Y500
> The Turn A is supposed to be hyper-detailed and -posable, despite its
>price, and it includes soem sort of secret weapon hidden behind opening
>chest panels. The Flat will transform, and include a rifle not seen in
>animation (I gather it's unarmed in the show).

Y500?? Whoa...heh...that's pretty low for a 1/144 Hero Gundam kit
nowadays. Were talkin V-Gundam 1/144 prices. You can gripe all you
want about the design, but the price seems reasonable.

Mark Kai
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