Re: [gundam] Viz 0079 series?

Michael Garner (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 15:08:40 -0500

>> I bought a copy of this. The first four pages were painted, so they look
>> awesome. The rest of his technical drawings are good, but his characters
>> are a tad weaker. I picked up the comic the same day as I received the
>> Gundam movies, and it follows the first 30 minutes quite close. If you
>> really like a paper version, then go for it, however it's nothing new.
>It's worth buying because it's based on the TV series, and not the
>movies, and therefore has everything we didn't see. (Even the Zakrello

Oh and I forgot to mention that the layout is reverse (hey! Isn't that the
spiky shoulder suppose to be on the other side?). I would seem they didn't
put the effort forward to place them properly. It's a minor detail.

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