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>>hmmm.. (no offense to relena followers)
>Are there any out there? (heh.)

I like her ^_^

>>.i think relena is not that
>>pretty a woman and not so tough and cool...she always acts sort of wimpy
>>and she drives around in a pink limo that looks stupid...
>You can say that again.

Well, she's an ojousama, not a kick-ass fighting type. It's nice to have a
few moderately normal-powered people in an anime, even though the fighting
ones get a bit more airtime.

>>and she always
>>waits to get rescued...she doesn't know how to fight and she stalks
>>heero yuy (uh that's just how i see it)...
>I wouldn't put it past her.

How much have you seen of GWing? She does a little more than that, you know.

>>well lucrezia noin, sally po,
>>hilde schbeiker and lady une...they're pretty cool women in GW.they can
>No problem there.
>But seriously (?), is there any practical use for Relena in the series
>(plot-wise, character-wise, ANY-wise)...

Uhh... she's the embodiment of all that the Gundam pilots in GWing are
trying to achieve. You know, no need for war etc -- she is willing to _not_
fight, as a pacifist, and is also willing to trust that people want the
same. She has ideals and principles that she is actually willing to die
for, and she seems to have the natural charisma which makes her ideas seem
less stupid and more realistic to the people around her. She is a
figurehead, but she also has her ideas which are so not in the mode of
'fight until you win' that she really is the most dangerous to those like
Quinze who would promote something like the real Operation Meteor.

>If we're talking character balance here and Relena's on the zero-end of
>the DEPTH spectrum... given that there isn't any other character in the
>series that's fully on the opposite side...

I'd actually say that Relena's attraction to Heero is not only because he
saved her life, but it is also because he is so different. She is all
ideals while he is all action -- she would give the orders and he would
follow, because he is a soldier to her thinker.

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