Re: [gundam] Viz 0079 series?
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:42:01 EST

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> I was just wondering if anyone had got issue 1 of the Viz 0079 series.
> I'm thinking of ordering it but would like to get some comments first. If
> the art is really up to Kazuhisa Kondo's usual standards it could be pretty
> good.

I like it so far. I didn't really pay any attention to whether or not all of
the frames were fitted right, but I did enjoy the art, which wasn't just
pulled on of the anime and pasted in a book. The art is black and white, and
very grainy, but I actually like that look for a war story comicbook. The
action is a bit clipped, though, so you will only have one or two frames
depicting a particularly spectacular move in the anime. All in all, I like it
and will continue to collect it.

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