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All (well, most) of the women in Gundam have self-determination, drive,
creativity, and the power to influence events and people around them.
And the fact that they're self-willed doesn't diminish their femininity
a bit. Mirai, Chein, Saila, Cecily, even Quess--all icons in their own

Now. About Relena in GW...


hmmm.. (no offense to relena followers) .i think relena is not that
pretty a woman and not so tough and cool...she always acts sort of wimpy
and she drives around in a pink limo that looks stupid...and she always
waits to get rescued...she doesn't know how to fight and she stalks
heero yuy (uh that's just how i see it)... well lucrezia noin, sally po,
hilde schbeiker and lady une...they're pretty cool women in GW.they can

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