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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 22:10:31 -0800

On 26 Mar 99, at 10:53, Mark Simmons wrote:

> In fact, Yasuhiko pretty much pioneered the whole "handsome villain"
> trend, with pretty-boy villains like Raideen's Prince Sharkin. Even today,

Well, Yamato's Deslock has his fan, too.

> handsome foes like Zechs Merquise are described in terms of their
> resemblance to original-series foe Char Aznable. Though Treize is a more
> unique character type...

A surived Garma? Gee, would that make Dorothy the Kirishina of
the W. ^_^

Speaking of old giant robot shows, I get a dream recently that has 6
Turn-A break out of stone, and combine a la Godmars.(for the
younger member of this ML, Godmars is an old Giant Robot anime
that had the robots hidden in stone. When you figuring that Turn-A
suppose to came out from the stone, too.....^_;)
> >i think heero yuy is the cutest guy ever made in anime =)
> What about Treize? That voice! Those eyes! ;-)

Hathaway get my vote.

Jim Huang
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