[gundam] A bit of the mundane...

Sat, 27 Mar 1999 00:28:45 EST

OK, my boredom and lack of anything better to do has spawned another page.
This one is for all anime fans, basically. Well...the fans of anime that I
watch, anyway :) I was sitting around one day...just thinking (a dangerous
passtime, I know) and I started thinking of the song "was a farmer had a dog
and Bingo was his name, Oh..." and I started replacing "Bingo" with other
names. So, without further ado, I bring you my page of random anime parody B-
I-N-G-O songs! There's a little something for everyone. Except I forgot
Botan when I wrote the YYH ones. Gomen nasai! I think I got everyone from
FY, though! Which reminds me...if I missed ANYONE with a 5-letter name (even
if the spelling has to be changed a little) from any series...or any play on
words you can think of...please MAIL ME!!!



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