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> BTW, have you noticed that Cima has a freaking HUGE beam-rifle! That
>thing is certainly the biggest MS-carried beam-gun of the 1YW, and easily
>dwarfs anything any Gundam carries up through the Zeta era! (Heck, the
>1/144 Gerbera Gun is bigger than my 1/100 MG Mk.II rifle!) Not just that,
>but it has a special cooling-sleeve on the barrel of the gun and coolant
>tank, which is something outside of the GM-GS, I'd never seen on a MS
>weapon. It kind of suggests that this is either a super-overpowered weapon
>or a super-ranged beam rifle of some sort (I suspect the second choice is
>more likely).
> In addition, it seems to have some sort of special 'plug in slot' at the
>base of the butt of the gun, no idea what that's for, but it almost looks
>like some kind of extra power connection!

        Actually, a long range snipe doesn't seem like Cima's style, so it's
probably a over-powered rifle.. which might explain some of her shock when
here shots didn't kill GP-01 immediately. =) She tends to flirt around
outside the effective zone of the enemy, then dart straight in for a kill,
so a long-range gun is not as useful as a powerful gun... she might need the
butt-port for extra power to shot through a Cap Ship lengthwise.. =) As for
the size, I have no comparison, so I won't know.

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