[gundam] Beam weapon and safety range

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 20:46:29 -0800

What is the typical range of a beam rifle/spray gun? Beam projectile weapon
as a whole is kind of dangerous to use inside a colony if it has greater
than 2 to 3 miles range, since after that, you hit the wall. With the TV
show Babylon 5, Phase Plasma Gun, PPG is an ideal pressurized environment
weapon because it will not ricochet, and the plasma charge dissipate after a

I supposed that the barrel of the beam rifle act like a accelerator, thus
you can probably fine tune the range that the beam particle will travel
before it dissipate. With beam spray gun lacking that focus feature, it
will probably not be a problem.

All this thinking comes about with F91's combat inside the colony using VSBR
on beam shield MS and penetrating the beam shield. With that in mind, the
VSBR was probably set to high speed and deep penetrating mode. This would
be very dangerous to use because it will penetrate the wall as well as the
MS you are aiming at.

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