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> If there was a reason why he's deserting, I didn't quite catch it (Then
> again, I'm the one who had no idea why Kou acted the way he did in entire
> episode 13). Also, while he does say he's deserting, he never specified
> where he's deserting to. I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish. I
> mean, if he's trying to go after Apsaras III in damaged Ez-8 on foot,
> there's no way he can catch it in time. According to Fed simulation,
> Apsaras III can fly out to space by itself!

He going to talk Aina out of helping Ginias with his crack-pot scheme of
destorying Jaburo with the Asparagus Mk. III, and he's going to do it alone.
He is a leader that does not want to see his troops face casulalties (which
is very evident in Ep. 2). Furthermore, he want to do this himself so that
he can at least save Aina. They do have a intertwined past, and I still
believe he has her watch (as of EP 4, that how far I have gotten so far).

> Hey now, leave Shiro alone. He took a lot of flak after Apsaras II
> incident. He's been treated like a spy from everyone except his teammate.

He's generally a good guy, a Gundam pilot who is destined to live a tragic
life, solely because he piloted a Gundam. I believe he has good odds of
getting hooked up with Aina in the end, though killing her off could be good
for the story, ala 0080. However, I doubt that coz:

  Seabrook got Cecily,
  Usso got Shakti (SP?)
  Domon got Rain
  Heero got Relena (actually, I'd think it's the reverse)
  Garod got Tifa (Is that true, the live happily ever after?)
  Kou got Nina...

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