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I guess I should have put this up in the first place. Thanks Probe.

> > If you recall ath the end of episode 10, after killing Norris, Shiro said
> > he's going to desert the Fed.
> I don't quite understand why he decided that. I mean, is he just sick of
> fighting or does he just not care anymore or something like that? But he's
> defecting with his MS!

If there was a reason why he's deserting, I didn't quite catch it (Then
again, I'm the one who had no idea why Kou acted the way he did in entire
episode 13). Also, while he does say he's deserting, he never specified
where he's deserting to. I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish. I
mean, if he's trying to go after Apsaras III in damaged Ez-8 on foot,
there's no way he can catch it in time. According to Fed simulation,
Apsaras III can fly out to space by itself!
> > Well, that throws the teammates into complete chaos, especially since
> > Karen was secretly ordered to kill Shiro if he deserts, otherwise the
> > entire team will be executed.
> Eeeek!
> But this might explain why the Feds were so apparently unworried about
> letting Shiro go after his little escapade with the Asparas with just a
> slap on the wrist! They had an 'inside man' to keep an eye on him!
> > The screenshot shown in the page shows Karen targetting Ez-8.
> I hope she NAILS him!
> > I think it would've been better if Sanders was ordered to do it
> > (considering what happened in episode 9), but I think it'll be a
> Run it by me again?

In episode 9, Sanders was the one who was secretly ordered from top to
keep an eye on Shiro. Maybe he lost a trust from the top, after he told
Shiro about that.

> > interesting episode. Plus, two of the major characters are supposed to
> > die, from what I heard.
> Just as long as Irresponsible Captain Shiro is one of them, I'm happy!

Hey now, leave Shiro alone. He took a lot of flak after Apsaras II
incident. He's been treated like a spy from everyone except his teammate.


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