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> In fact, Yasuhiko pretty much pioneered the whole "handsome villain"
> trend, with pretty-boy villains like Raideen's Prince Sharkin. Even today,
> handsome foes like Zechs Merquise are described in terms of their
> resemblance to original-series foe Char Aznable. Though Treize is a more
> unique character type...

Treize I think is a nut more than anything else. But his nuttiness makes
the series THAT much more interesting. Merquis and several other
advarsaries in Gundam (Including Ghinias) strikes some resemblence to the
ol' Pink Comet...

> And of course, Yasuhiko also has a unique knack for coming up with
> incredibly ugly background characters. ;-)

Dozul! He the man!

> >i think heero yuy is the cutest guy ever made in anime =)
> What about Treize? That voice! Those eyes! ;-)

I don't know. I kinda fancy Duo as having that cuteness in 'im, and Quattro
is just plain feminie to be sure...

I would like to nominate the following for the cutest female in Gundam

1) Berah Ronah/Cecily Fairchild. She's cool, ney, uber cool.
2) Quess. It's that punky brewster look, I guess. Besides, cute brat is
much easier to hate. :)

If Haro was a female robot, I think it's get the hands down cute award. ^_^

Y. "Ain't I just Too cute" Choe

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