Re: [gundam] "Generations" of Gundam Preference

Angela S. (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:42:47 PST

>It's fairly clear
>that the original Gundam series are significantly different in tone
>the more recent incarnations, UC or otherwise. Gundam HAS changed with
>the times, after all. The degree to which it has, and its impact on the
>preferences of audiences current or past, is perhaps the more locigal
>debate here.

the tone may change, maybe even the flavor, but the theme's are always
the same: gundam promotes freedom of ideology and makes a solid stand
against imperialism--ideological, economic, political, and others. it's
a grand statement--that the only way man will prosper is if it
entertains all perspectives and does not succumb to the dictates of one.
short of saying "there's more than one way to skin a cat"

tomino's inspiration for starting it was to debunk the prevailing trend
in robot cartoons at the time--little plot, mostly advertisements for
the toys. tomino wanted to prove that even robot shows could show some
depth and class, while be entertaining at the same time.

it is against this criteria which we should judge gundam to see whether
it has successfully remained faithful to its creator's vision.


yeek. did i just sound like an activist?

no more cornflakes at night for me...

:p Angel
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