Re: [gundam] stop press

Angela S. (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:25:44 PST

>the old gundam series doesn't look as good as the new ones...the old
>characters are not that handsome or anything...they're just plain old
>70's hippie style just like daimos and the other oldies concerning
>robots and stuff....i think
>heero yuy is the cutest guy ever made in anime =)

i think what you're saying is unfair. you're judging them by the quality
of the animation at the time. objectively speaking, all things taken
equal--quality of animation included--amuro and char could easily knock
out any of the wingboys with looks and charm alone.

and we haven't even begun to talk about wit and brains yet...

or depth of character...

:p Angel
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