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Roderick Su asks,

>Supposedly just prior to F91, Federation re-organized its research and MS
>manufacturing units into SNRI, which proposed the Formula line of the mobile

  Not quite. SNRI was originally a research institute, which proposed that
the Federation should hold a design contest for a next-generation mini
mobile suit. SNRI ended up entering the contest itself, and won, and was
thus forced to outsource the manufacturing of the first production model
(the F71 G-Cannon) to Anaheim since it had no production facilities of its

>And the core of the military might of the Zansacar Empire of Victory
>Gundam came from SNRI itself.

  Yep. In fact, BESPA - a popular alias for the Zanscare military - was
apparently the actual name of an SNRI advanced weapons department. This
annexed weapons lab became the core of the Zanscare military, which still
uses the name for tradition's sake.

>How is it that the Federation still uses Anaheim styled RGM series of
>mobile suit in Victory Gundam instead of Formula series MS? Or has the
>Formula series completely got dropped?

  Presumably, once the Formula designs enter production they should get RGM
numbers as well; the Jegan, et al, were manufactured by Anaheim but still
use standard Federation mobile suit model numbers. Comparing the Jamesgun
to the F91-era mobile suits, I personally think it looks more like the F91
than the Heavygun. The Jamesgun and Javelin may well be the descendants of
the Formula series...

-- Mark

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