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   Well, I only remember seeing the Dom hover on Earth, I don't think I've
 ever seen a Gelgoog on Earth in the animation so it's hard to say if it
 hovers too. We've seen a Zaku-FZ do the hover-slide thing in 0080, and
 we've seen the Kampfer _very_briefly_ also hover-slide in 0080 also. I'm
 not sure how the Zaku was able to do this, I wasn't under the impression
 that it had the power. But it was doing it over water (or colony glass,
 something like that) so it may have had something to do with it. >>

If I do remember, in 0083 (if that counts as "official" OYW) when the Dom,
Xamel, etc, were going to attack the base to get the gundam, all of them were
Hovering pretty fast.

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