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<< Right, Unfortunately I have to agree here. 1/100s are just 50% bigger
 than 1/144s, but they cost on average THREE to FOUR times more! Hence, I
 much prefer 1/144 kits (if only for storage considerations), so long as
 they're decent compared to the 1/100 kits. There have been some notable
 examples by Bandai where after a good deal of paint, the 1/144 model was
 every bit as good looking as the 1/100.
   Naturally, you can't beat a 1/100 when it comes to customizing and
 out-of-the-box coolness. But it comes at a substantial price! And
 sometimes, the 1/100 can require more work to make it acceptable than the
   In this particular case, I heartily welcome the turn to 1/144 Mini-MG
 kits! I have a vast store of 1/144 spare parts which means I'm gonna be
 doing alot of customizing and kitbashing when they get here! >>

I like 1/100's and 1/144's. I've noticed that some 1/100's require more work
then 1/144's and vice versa. Its strange in a way. A mini MG line of 1/144's
would make me really excited. 1/100's are great, but a 1/144th line of kits
that are as poseable and detailed as 1/100's and the new Garaski kits would
rule! Just think, we'd get great kits, at a decent price, that require little
work(hopefully). I'd buy them all. Bandai should make all MS in one scale. I
hate when like Bandai makes 4 MS from a series in 1/100, but they make all the
mecha from the series in 1/144. Sometimes the 1/144 kits are good, and
sometimes they are bad. Bandai needs some type of kit that is always a
standad, meaning it doesn't faze out. I've notice HG doesn't really mean
anything anymore. HG usually means now, no System Injection, is mostly molded
in the correct colors. HG is basically Bandais stanard now. Everythings HG
this, HG that. I mean, HG is no longer a special feature. When I first built
my HG MK.II, I was knocked over by how well it was made and it require almost
no painting.

Rant over, sorry for ranting

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