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Y. Choe (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 14:32:01 -0800

> I think it would've been better if Sanders was ordered to do it
> (considering what happened in episode 9), but I think it'll be a
> interesting episode. Plus, two of the major characters are supposed to
> die, from what I heard.

OK. Less start a Gundam Mailing List Pool: Who will die in the end of 08th
MS Team? Here are your choices:

1) Shiro Amada. He has a death warrant on his head, as he will die if he
2) Aina Sahalin. Ghinias goes berzerk, and boom goes the Apsaras.
3) Ghinias. He's none too stable, that's for certain
4) Karen. Gets shot by Sanders
5) Sanders. Gets shot by Karen for defending Shiro
6) Eledore... Why?
7) Mikhail/Michael. Why?
8) Kiki. Suicide? I dunno.

Choose your characters. I say It's probably Aina and Karen.. Makes for a
good tragic story, and keeps consistant with the fact that Gundam Pilots
love interest always drop like flies in the end.

Y. Choe

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