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Dafydd Neal Dyar (ddyar@real.com)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:57:17 -0800

Althoough they've stated that "recent interest" has them considering
reprinting, Ballantine Del Rey isn't going to be doing it THIS year unless
they suddenly add it to the schedule after September.

For those of you who've been trying to find the originals, there's a really
great service for finding out-of-print books called Bibliofind.


Here's what I found listed there today:

Tomino, yoshiyuki: GUNDAM: M.S. I AWAKENING ; del rey paperback, fine
Offered for sale by G.Holroyd at US$6.00
Tomino, Yoshiyuki : Gundam M.S. I: Awakening ; SF&F - VF-F - PB Offered
for sale by Lyndhurst Book Center at US$3.95
Yoshiyuki tomino (translated by Frederik L Schodt): Gundam Mobile Suit II
Escalation ; Ballantine. Good cond pb. science fiction, fantasy. 7411
Offered for sale by Just Books, Golden, CO. at US$25.00
Tomino, Yoshiyuki : Gundam M.S. II: Escalation ; SF&F - VF-F - PB Offered
for sale by Lyndhurst Book Center at US$4.50
Tomino, Yoshiyuki : Gundam M.S. III: Confrontation ; SF&F - VF-F - PB
Offered for sale by Lyndhurst Book Center at US$4.99

Searches work better when they're broader -- I got the above listed using
just the word "Gundam" in the Title field, whereas a combination of "Gundam
Mobile Suit" in the Title field and "Yoshiyuki Tomino" in the Author field
resulted only a single return (Volume III: Confrontation).

Once you've found a book -- or several books -- Bibliofind passes your
order to their respective seller. Be sure to read the "payment method" for
each seller, as some don't take credit cards.

Good hunting!


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