Re: [gundam] PsyCommu system ?
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:22:38 EST

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> I noticed in the news today that a group of German scientists have developed
> a
> system to allow paralysed people to communicate by interpreting their
> brainwaves into movement patterns for a cursor (I think), so they can
> letters and write messages. Is this the forerunner for the PsyCommu system
> Now all we need is some mechs to attach it too....:)
> Shane.
> -

The US Air Force has been doing experiments in this field since the later
1960s. There are now software and sensing devices on the market the lets
people play games using only their minds to guide, instead of joysticks. Of
course, only pinball and a ski simulator are available, and the sensor and
software are really expensive. But they do exist.

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