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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>REALLY?! Yeah I remember the recoil-jump move now. That doesn't make
>sense at all! I mean recoil-less guns and cannons are all over the place
>now. Little third world countries can make a decent recoil-less cannon in
>the 90's, no?

  But these recoilless rocket launchers are basically bazookas, right? Tank
cannons are still shell-firing cannons. Whatever the reason - range,
accuracy, rate of fire, ammo storage - I assume they apply equally to the

Probe writes, in regards the function of the GM Cannon/GM Cannon II,

> I think there are a couple possible reasons:
> 1. The GMC is designed to operate in formation with GMs who help
> it get close to capitol ships
> 2. The big fat cannons are that way to give the GMC more _range_
> not necessarily more hitting power at range.
> 3. The big chobham slabs on the GMC are designed to make up for
> its probably miserable close-in combat performance.
> On the Earth surface, it may be the equivalent of a heavy AAA-mecha,
>designed to blast away at enemy aircraft and especially to prevent those
>huge Zeon air-transports from landing, as well as for attacking heavily
>entrenched Zeon bases and formations. Basically, a light artillery MS!

  Think you nailed it. As I've mentioned before, the Guncannon and GM
Cannon are intended to be mixed in with teams of close-combat mobile suits,
exactly as we see in 0083. Their role appears to be to soften up enemy
forces with long-range bombardment, and take out large stationary targets.
For close-range combat with fast-moving targets, they always carry regular
sidearms - beam rifles, spray guns, or machine guns.

  And, as for the Guncannon,

> But if you _think_ about it, the Guncannon has always had its guns
>jointed waaay in back, on the backpack area, not the shoulders. It doesn't
>make as much sense when you're firing forward, but when you're firing
>effectively 'up' it makes ALOT of sense. Besides, when the GC is crouching
>down like that, it's effectively what the armor people would call "Hull
>down", and presenting the minimum profile to the enemy.

  So it becomes, in short, a tank. Nifty!

Probe again:

> BTW, have you noticed that Cima has a freaking HUGE beam-rifle! That
>thing is certainly the biggest MS-carried beam-gun of the 1YW, and easily
>dwarfs anything any Gundam carries up through the Zeta era! (Heck, the
>1/144 Gerbera Gun is bigger than my 1/100 MG Mk.II rifle!) Not just that,
>but it has a special cooling-sleeve on the barrel of the gun and coolant
>tank, which is something outside of the GM-GS, I'd never seen on a MS
>weapon. It kind of suggests that this is either a super-overpowered weapon
>or a super-ranged beam rifle of some sort (I suspect the second choice is
>more likely).

  It's supposed to be a beam machine gun, capable of rapid fire. Presumably
the cooling jacket is to prevent the barrel from overheating, just like the
similar jackets on antique machine guns.

-- Mark

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