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Thea writes,

>actually of all the mail i've ever received from this mailing list...i
>only understand and keep almost only 10% =)

  Heh! I think that's true of most list members, though it's probably a
different 10% for each.

>what gundam stuff do u guys watch anywayz?

  All of it! I love all the series, from the classic 1979 show to G Gundam
and Endless Waltz. (Though I'll admit I pretty much hate Gundam ZZ and
Gundam X). I'd say my favorite Gundam shows of all time are the original, V
Gundam (end of the original-universe saga), G Gundam and Gundam W (the two
most whacked-out alternate universes). The beauty of Gundam is that there's
such a range of story and character styles, with something for almost

>the old gundam series doesn't look as good as the new ones...the old
>characters are not that handsome or anything...they're just plain old
>70's hippie style just like daimos and the other oldies concerning
>robots and stuff....

  They don't look that spiffy now, but at the time, character designer
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko was considered to be anime's leading purveyor of
handsome characters. Apparently Char, Garma, rugged Sreggar (the template
for Macross's Roy Fokker), and even baby-faced Amuro were very popular with
female fans. Nowadays the state of the art of pretty faces has moved on a
bit, but I suspect that a lot of the modern-day fan faves would cite
Yasuhiko as their inspiration. (This is certainly the case with Haruhiko
"Macross" Mikimoto.)

  In fact, Yasuhiko pretty much pioneered the whole "handsome villain"
trend, with pretty-boy villains like Raideen's Prince Sharkin. Even today,
handsome foes like Zechs Merquise are described in terms of their
resemblance to original-series foe Char Aznable. Though Treize is a more
unique character type...

  And of course, Yasuhiko also has a unique knack for coming up with
incredibly ugly background characters. ;-)

>i think heero yuy is the cutest guy ever made in anime =)

  What about Treize? That voice! Those eyes! ;-)

-- Mark

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