[gundam] "Generations" of Gundam Preference

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:32:13 PST

>well, I like the UC timeline more than the others, and I'm 18 - which
group am I
>part of?

I don't think age has as much to do with it. I'm 22 and like all Gundam
Frnachises equally... Except maybe Gundam ZZ. Anyhoo, It's fairly clear
that the original Gundam series are significantly different in tone than
the more recent incarnations, UC or otherwise. Gundam HAS changed with
the times, after all. The degree to which it has, and its impact on the
preferences of audiences current or past, is perhaps the more locigal
debate here.

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