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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:23:37 -0700 (MST)

> > Frankly, when was the last time we saw a mecha pilot in Gundam go
> > into battle with ANY backup plans, much less _three_? So here's to Misha,
> > one of the first, but certainly not one of the last, victims of Bandai's
> > Gundam Gimmickery!
> That's exactly right, Probe. In fact, other things need to be taken into account as
> well. The Kampher was never intended to destroy the Gundam. First, the main use for
> the Kampher, according to Schneider's plan, was as a diversion to draw the Fed troops

  And what a HELL of a diversion it was! When you tell Misha to divert the
Federation, he flat out takes them _down_! Dang, when was the last time
you saw a Jion _wipe_the_floor_ like the guys from the Cyclops team? Man,
I would have loved to see Misha take on Amuro. (Amuro would win, but I bet
Misha would have given him a run for his money!)

> away from the base, while he, Garcia, and Bernie infiltrated it and destroyed the
> Gundam commando style. They did place the supplementary weapons in the Trailers
> there, just in case this failed, however (as would any good military man. Always have

  I love the way they planned out all sorts of contingencies 'just in
case'. You can tell that these are guys who survived this long by being
smart, not NT-superhero-kids!

> a back up plan, because no plan ever survives contact with the enemy...) As for the
> Chobbham armor, intel, even Zeon's notoriously bad intel, would have had some idea
> about this... The chief problem was that, once the Kampher had engaged the MS force
> from the Gray Phantom, it was just not up to the job.

  It wasn't supposed to be taking the Gundam down in a knock-down fight,
but even then it was armed with Gundarium pellet-shotguns. Unfortuantely,
even that 'majik bullet' ammo proved to be unsuitable against the Gundam

> Now, that's not to say that it couldn't have done it. In fact, I think that the
> Kampher could easily have been a match for the Gundam, had it been able to get there
> with it's full weapons load. Now, to actually test this thesis, I'm going to run a

  Oh, definately! The Kampher is faster, and had vastly more weapons than
the Gundam. With its twin bazookas and Panzerfausts it could have
definately thrashed the gundam something fierce if it could have connected
its shots. Of course, if the Gundam had had its Beam Rifle, it might be
able to simply take out the Kampfer at range.

> series of battles in Mekton Zeta, using the Kampher against both the Gundam Alex and
> the original Gundam. I'm also going to take several variables into account, including
> weapon loads and pilot. (for example, I'll substitute Char and Amuro for Chris and

  Cool! Try it with Heavy Gear too!
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