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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:12:50 -0700 (MST)

> Yep. In effect, it's the Gouf revamped to match Katoki's Zaku F2 from
> Gundam 0083. I thought it was very cute that he did it in the 0083 style,
> rather than trying to match the 08th MS Team "look" for the Zaku. ;-)

  Right, it was one of the things that really shocked me about how cool
the Gouf was when I first opened it up! It was just the kind of design I'd
been dying to build ever since 0083! It was about time! I even thought
about trying to 'regress' it into a 0083 Zaku (decided it would be a waste
of a good design)

> Nope, but he designed the 08th MS Team Gouf (and the Gouf Flight Type),
> and he's always very attentive to the details of how the designs are going
> to work as models.
  And his models work GREAT! (Except for the knees on the Vayeate and
Mercurious, but that's made up for by the fact that they are awesome

> fact, if you watch the movies, you'll see that the Guncannon is almost
> always crawling, crouching, bracing itself, or falling flat on its ass when

  I remember that! The first thing I thought was: "What the hell is wrong
with that MS?" But after a few shots it made sense! Hilarious!
  But if you _think_ about it, the Guncannon has always had its guns
jointed waaay in back, on the backpack area, not the shoulders. It doesn't
make as much sense when you're firing forward, but when you're firing
effectively 'up' it makes ALOT of sense. Besides, when the GC is crouching
down like that, it's effectively what the armor people would call "Hull
down", and presenting the minimum profile to the enemy.
  I only wish they had maybe given it some sort of special grippy kneepads
or some sort of partial transformation or something just so it looked like
this is what the 'designers intended'. You have to admit though, it goes
along way to explaining the GC's lack of skirt-armors too! I'm beginning
to think it really was designed to fight this way!

> firing the cannons. When Amuro pilots it, he's able to do some pretty crazy
> manuevers by using the cannon recoil to "jump" backwards...

  Very funny 'bunny hops' if I remember correctly! Hilarious!

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