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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:04:29 -0700 (MST)

> << Right! It's not so much a 'retoconned' Gouf as a "Modernized" Gouf.
> Excatly! If the new 1/144's are like that, then Gundam fans will grab them all

  And they should! It's about TIME we saw some modernized 1YW designs!
(0080 was the last time we actually got a good number of modernized mecha,
unfortunately there was really only _one_ retoconned Federation design,
the Gundam was brand new. I still have both of the GMs on my desk, I love

> up. 1/144's are easy to make room for on shelfs. I like 1/100's but they take

  Right, Unfortunately I have to agree here. 1/100s are just 50% bigger
than 1/144s, but they cost on average THREE to FOUR times more! Hence, I
much prefer 1/144 kits (if only for storage considerations), so long as
they're decent compared to the 1/100 kits. There have been some notable
examples by Bandai where after a good deal of paint, the 1/144 model was
every bit as good looking as the 1/100.
  Naturally, you can't beat a 1/100 when it comes to customizing and
out-of-the-box coolness. But it comes at a substantial price! And
sometimes, the 1/100 can require more work to make it acceptable than the
  In this particular case, I heartily welcome the turn to 1/144 Mini-MG
kits! I have a vast store of 1/144 spare parts which means I'm gonna be
doing alot of customizing and kitbashing when they get here!

> up room. The main reason I avoided 1/144's was they used to lack detail. I
> love the 1/144 08th Team Gouf Custom and the HG 1/144 MK.II

  Those two are great, but the Gouf Flight Type is even better! With some
modifications it can even make a passable Dom-Tropen of some sort.


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