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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:57:47 -0700 (MST)

> I think in the Africa ravine, a glancing hit from the paired guns
> took out tha Zaku.. he wasn't using his gun, since he gave that to URaki,
> and we see the GM doing what I believe you call a MS Cow routine. Leaned out
> of the ravine and leaning on its arms... As for what it can do against a Cap

  I remember this scene but I couldn't figure out who had hit the Zaku and
with what, but that makes sense now. I vaguely remember thinking that
Monsha and Keith together had hit the Zaku, but that might be just because
it got hit by more than one shot. Hey, now that scene makes sense to me!
  That MS-Cow posture still cracks me up, I wish they could have done it
more like the "Artillery Frame" from Nadesico or something like that!

> Ship, since a well placed beam rifle shot from Cima took out the Salamis
> escorting the Albion, my guess is that those guns _can_ punch width-wise
> through a Salamis.

   That maybe be true!
   BTW, have you noticed that Cima has a freaking HUGE beam-rifle! That
thing is certainly the biggest MS-carried beam-gun of the 1YW, and easily
dwarfs anything any Gundam carries up through the Zeta era! (Heck, the
1/144 Gerbera Gun is bigger than my 1/100 MG Mk.II rifle!) Not just that,
but it has a special cooling-sleeve on the barrel of the gun and coolant
tank, which is something outside of the GM-GS, I'd never seen on a MS
weapon. It kind of suggests that this is either a super-overpowered weapon
or a super-ranged beam rifle of some sort (I suspect the second choice is
more likely).
  In addition, it seems to have some sort of special 'plug in slot' at the
base of the butt of the gun, no idea what that's for, but it almost looks
like some kind of extra power connection!

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