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Y. Choe (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 06:11:46 -0800

> actually of all the mail i've ever received from this mailing list...i
> only understand and keep almost only 10% =) the other things about the
> other older stuff...i don't understand.. and when it comes to the models
> and stuff... i'm stupefied...i'm not saying i'm stupid...i'm just doing
> this to have a say in this mailing thingie....what gundam stuff do u
> guys watch anywayz?

Well, the easiest way to do the participation thing in the Gundam Mailing
Machine is to do the asking thing, in just about anything. I on many cases
ask about a lot of thing, and in the process, learn and find faults (like
the whole deal with GunCannons) or good stuff in Gundam... I guess it's how
it is.

Y. Choe who just wants to watch 08th MS Team during spring break.

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