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> >What do you guys think about ARII kits in general? The 1/100
> >non-transforming Valkyrie (Gerwalk and Battroid) were terrible. But I
> >just got a 1/48 transforming Orguss, and it looks pretty ok (haven't
> >started on it yet).
> I really didn't like the valkyrie kits - I only have one and I'm not
> particularly fond of its construction. However, the defender kit that I
> was/is pretty decent. I think they did an OK job on the destroids.

Does anyone seen or have a model of a transforming Destroid seen in VFX2 ? Cuz
I think there pretty cool , I haven't seen then anywhere except in sketches
and the game.

Also does anyone got one of those Big Expensive Studio Eye models ? Like VF21
19 or that 5000 ? I'm thinking of getting one but I'm not sure if I'm
experienced enough
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