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>> When Cima attacked the Albion fleet, Keith was firing off shot left,
>> right and centre.. didn't hit anything, and Cima simply shot past him, but
>> we do see the GM Cannon II fire.
> Excellent, too bad we never see what those cannons can do if they HIT,
>eh? I did remember Keith firing his rifle several times though... I would
>have loved to have seen what those cannons could have done against a

        I think in the Africa ravine, a glancing hit from the paired guns
took out tha Zaku.. he wasn't using his gun, since he gave that to URaki,
and we see the GM doing what I believe you call a MS Cow routine. Leaned out
of the ravine and leaning on its arms... As for what it can do against a Cap
Ship, since a well placed beam rifle shot from Cima took out the Salamis
escorting the Albion, my guess is that those guns _can_ punch width-wise
through a Salamis.

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