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> It may be realistic, but the first time I saw it I almost fell over
>laughing! Those guns pack a HELL of a recoil! Not surprising that they
>went to beam-cannons in the GM-Cannon-II, though it irks me that I don't
>think they ever _fired_ the darn cannons in 0083! (At least, I don't
>remember seeing Keith ever fire his guns.)

        He did. During the Africa trip, Keith was ordered with Uraki to open
fire on two Zaku _outside_ his range, but we do get to see him fire those
guns.. further into the episode, he pops out of the ravine, blowing a Zaku
to pieces, but we don't see the GM-Cannon II fire.

        When Cima attacked the Albion fleet, Keith was firing off shot left,
right and centre.. didn't hit anything, and Cima simply shot past him, but
we do see the GM Cannon II fire.

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