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>>I was up at my "local import store" (I love saying that) today and
noticed two
>>rather large books on a shelf... they looked like they were comic
>>adaptions of V
>>gundam... I can't remember te titles right now but does anyone know what I'm
>>talking about?
>There was a 1-volume V Gundam gaiden, and a 2-volume manga adaptation of V
>Gundam, which was severely edited and honestly speaking, not worth getting.
>The V Gundam gaiden has a totally wacked out story involving another giant
>robot from an earlier Tomino show and is good for a laugh, although I am
>pretty sure the joke was not intentional.

And all of these books were digest-sized, as were the two volumes of the
aborted V Gundam Film Comics.

The only large-format (magazine size) V Gundam manga that I can recall was
the Comic BomBom (1993.6.22, Kodansha, no ISBN)....


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