Re: [gundam] 1/100.. The death of a scale?

Der UberHanyok (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 23:57:52 -0500

>If you want to see what I am talking about, go pick up a HG Gundam MK2 or
>Go pick up a S or Ex-S Gundam. Or for that matter, just go pick up a
>Zherah, F-91, or a Hardygun to see what I am talking about.
>Linwood Foster

you know, I've got five of the seven SF91 kits (neo gundam is in the mail and
I've got an RXF91kai so I didn't bother with the rxf-91) and they all seem to be
relatively solid in terms of construction. The Hardygun has got to be my
favorite of all of them tho. Great MS.

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"

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