Re: [gundam] 1/100.. The death of a scale?

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>The reason why so many of us are excited about new 1/144 is because,
>these models will match the size and quality of the models we used to buy
>during the 80's and early 90's. We are excited about a return to models
>that will
>match our equally fabulous RX-78 Gundams, HG Gundam MK2s, Ex-S Gundams,
>Jegans, Hardyguns, and F-91s. Sheesh, why do you think so many of us
>about the new Flight-type Gouf from 8th MS Team?

        How very true, the best kits I have are in 1/144 -- the HG ZZ, the Bawoo,
the V2, the zaku FZ, The Ex-S, The Zeta+, The G-units, the
Dreissen,,,sheesh, there were a lot of good ones... inthe 1/100, my cool
kits that aren't MG are the NU, the ZZ, the the f91 and f90 stuff...yah
know...even the Tallgeese, which is pretty big by GW standards is only up
to the Nu's chest! and the Nu kicks ass anyway you look at didn't
need no BFG, it just had a great design, what with the bazooka in the
backpack, the fannels and the way coolweighted leg system.

>1/100s are fine and dandy, but in the old days that scale was reserved
>for those
>special models like the Nu-Gundam, the ZZ Gundam, the Transformable
>Zeta Gundam, and assorted others. If you wanted a good model for your
>you went with 1/144. If you wanted a showpiece model to make your friends
>and rave, you went with 1/100. That is the return we are excited about.

        I think the 1/144 is a very underestimated can do a lot with
that scale..all my kit bashes have been in 1/144, and the preponderance of
extra weapons in that scale is simply amazing...I have a whole toolbox full
of unused weapons!

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