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Chris Beilby (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 16:07:49 -0800

Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > I wouldn't mind seeing an MG kampfer kit one bit. however, I am getting kinda
> THAT would be awesome, I'd love to see how they do the "Hip Sabers" too,
> and it would be a great canidate for having ball-socketed thruster
> fairings all over its body! Too cool!
> <big snip>
> > > Oh yeah, before I forget.. was the Kampfer out of ammo when it
> > >_finally_ met Alex? Why did it charge Alex with a beam saber instead of
> > I'm gonna guess and say "yes", it was out of ammo. Either that, or the two were
> > at such a close range he figured his weapons would be useless. (Then alex pulled
> > out its minigun and it was all over...)
> Well, the Kampfer had fired off its Panzerfausts, and used up all of its
> Bazooka shells (What, like 10 shots or so?) Vaporizing all of the MS from
> the Grey Phantom on its way to fight the Gundam. It also ran very low on
> shotgun shells for both of its shotguns as well. I think Misha was
> expecting that the Cyclops team would have been successful in preventing
> the Gundam from going online and all he'd have to do would be to stomp on
> it a bit and drop some mines all over it.
> Misha, nobody's fool, wisely kept a few gundarium shotgun shells left
> for the Gundam 'just in case'. Unfortunately for him, the Gundam was
> wearing its fancy Chobham coat and the shells could not penetrate it. But
> Misha had a backup plan and then used the chain mines, which should have
> totalled just about anything. But that Damned Chobham absorbed that too!
> So, he did the only intelligent thing you COULD do, zoom-in Dom style for
> the kill, and saber the Gundam fast! There would have been no point using
> more shotgun shells or firing off the dinky 60mm forehead guns the Kampfer
> had at this point!
> Frankly, when was the last time we saw a mecha pilot in Gundam go
> into battle with ANY backup plans, much less _three_? So here's to Misha,
> one of the first, but certainly not one of the last, victims of Bandai's
> Gundam Gimmickery!

  That's exactly right, Probe. In fact, other things need to be taken into account as
well. The Kampher was never intended to destroy the Gundam. First, the main use for
the Kampher, according to Schneider's plan, was as a diversion to draw the Fed troops
away from the base, while he, Garcia, and Bernie infiltrated it and destroyed the
Gundam commando style. They did place the supplementary weapons in the Trailers
there, just in case this failed, however (as would any good military man. Always have
a back up plan, because no plan ever survives contact with the enemy...) As for the
Chobbham armor, intel, even Zeon's notoriously bad intel, would have had some idea
about this... The chief problem was that, once the Kampher had engaged the MS force
from the Gray Phantom, it was just not up to the job.

Now, that's not to say that it couldn't have done it. In fact, I think that the
Kampher could easily have been a match for the Gundam, had it been able to get there
with it's full weapons load. Now, to actually test this thesis, I'm going to run a
series of battles in Mekton Zeta, using the Kampher against both the Gundam Alex and
the original Gundam. I'm also going to take several variables into account, including
weapon loads and pilot. (for example, I'll substitute Char and Amuro for Chris and
Misha in some cases.) While I can't actually predict what's going to happen, I'm
willing to go out on a limb and say that, under the right circumstances, the Kampher
will be more than able to hold it's own against a Gundam. More on this once I get
these done...

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