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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:50:39 -0700 (MST)

> > As for sticking to the classics, I know Katoki will simply HAVE to do
> > some updating here and there, just to make it look good. If he updates it
> That's what I am hoping for too. In a way, I think Gouf-Custom is
> essentially very close to the old classic. The proportions were adjusted,
> but most of the design motifs (with the exception of knees and feet) were
> maintained.

  Right! It's not so much a 'retoconned' Gouf as a "Modernized" Gouf.
I.e., it's basically the same exact mecha with the same exact features but
better detailing, improved proportions and overall shapes giving it a more
1990's feel. That's what I'm hoping for in this new line of models!

> Did Katoki do the 08MST models?

  Just the Goufs (and you can TELL).

> > Cool! Though I can live without the "MS Cow" firing posture.
> HAHAHAHAHA, I love that pose, precisely because it's NOT cool. But very
> very realistic, no?

  It may be realistic, but the first time I saw it I almost fell over
laughing! Those guns pack a HELL of a recoil! Not surprising that they
went to beam-cannons in the GM-Cannon-II, though it irks me that I don't
think they ever _fired_ the darn cannons in 0083! (At least, I don't
remember seeing Keith ever fire his guns.)

> > > Actually, 8MST Guntank came out from B-Club few days ago, I think.
> > Yeah, but I want an affordable injection plastic one!
> me too!

  Yeah, it would be about time! GunTANK! GunTANK! GunTANK!


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