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>>HAHAHAHAHA, I love that pose, precisely because it's NOT cool. But very
>>very realistic, no?
> You bet! In the classic MSV books, the Guncannon's shell-firing cannons
>are said to be one of its major drawbacks, due to the massive recoil. In
>fact, if you watch the movies, you'll see that the Guncannon is almost
>always crawling, crouching, bracing itself, or falling flat on its ass when
>firing the cannons. When Amuro pilots it, he's able to do some pretty crazy
>manuevers by using the cannon recoil to "jump" backwards...
>-- Mark

I know it wasn't the guncannon they were referring to at the time, but I love it
when they're fighting zeon and suddenly they realize the Gundam is fending off
the fighters because it's in the air! (that thing can fly! <BOOM!>) heheheh.

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