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>Okay.. Now can someone tell me WHY the classic kits coming out deserve
>and not 1/100? Why not both? What is happening to 1/100? Is it dying? I
>no 8thMST 1/100 and now the classics will be 1/144 too! I'm sorry, but
>pisses me off. I was "weened" on the newer Gundams.. Wing and X. When I
>into modeling I purchased 1/144 Wing and X's.. And was turned off by the

And that is exactly the problem. The newer 1/144 Wings and Xs are shit.
detailing is shit, and the size is shit. I can understand Bandai wanting
to save
money on the plastic, but they went and insulted all of the old-time
by even trying to claim that those small-ass models were true 1/144s. The
way they could correct their mistake was to come out with the much
1/100 models.
The reason why so many of us are excited about new 1/144 is because,
these models will match the size and quality of the models we used to buy
during the 80's and early 90's. We are excited about a return to models
that will
match our equally fabulous RX-78 Gundams, HG Gundam MK2s, Ex-S Gundams,
Jegans, Hardyguns, and F-91s. Sheesh, why do you think so many of us
about the new Flight-type Gouf from 8th MS Team?
1/100s are fine and dandy, but in the old days that scale was reserved
for those
special models like the Nu-Gundam, the ZZ Gundam, the Transformable
Zeta Gundam, and assorted others. If you wanted a good model for your
you went with 1/144. If you wanted a showpiece model to make your friends
and rave, you went with 1/100. That is the return we are excited about.

If you want to see what I am talking about, go pick up a HG Gundam MK2 or
Go pick up a S or Ex-S Gundam. Or for that matter, just go pick up a
Zherah, F-91, or a Hardygun to see what I am talking about.

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